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About us

Pune 2020, Multi-disciplinary team has been reinvented as DAV Consultancy & Services Pvt. Ltd. The consultancy is specialized in end-to-end solutions for construction Engineering Industries. DAV aims for elevated Human Living Standards by systemized construction industry. The path to this goal directs through, dedicated and efficient project management consultancy. All vital aspects like Estimation , Planning , Tendering and so on are taken care with profound infra structure and support mechanism. Ability to sustain ebb & flow in market differs DAV from others and provides ability to improve portfolio at peaks while to transform adversity to opportunity at time of valley.

Why Choose Us

Strong Vendors & Suppliers

Strong Team With 25 Plus Years Of Industry Experience

Business Services Consulting

Industrial Work Exposure And Experience

Property Formats, Processes & Systems

Strong Estimation, Planning & Execution

Our Mission

To connect with client as partner on empathic and strength front to deliver his Desire to performance, providing the single contact services.

  • Magnificent wealth establishment with irreplaceable ethical and professional principles.
  • Bringing customer’s dream to reality beyond his expectations.
  • Empathies bond generation with customer, which generate everlasting relationship with DAV.

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