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Architects & Designing

Architects & Designing

We are a team of professionals inclined towards contributing in making the world a better place to live and work. Our designs evolve artistically
resulting in a unique solution For every client. We follow a holistic process of design resulting in a Visually satisfying and Functionally perfect Design
Solution. Our Journey started in the year 2000 and since then we have designed various projects with a very versatile portfolio. Each project different from
others, adding to our skill and experience. Our inputs add value to the work we do, may it be residential, industrial, Interior or Environmental.

We have years of experience in designing various buildings and infra structure facilities, which helps in making our projects for efficient in terms of space
Planning, Aesthetics, internal Ambiance, Project Management and Project Economics. We believe in respecting the resource and hence optimizing the use
resources available resulting in creating a creative solution and smart product.

Architectural & Interior

Residential, Industrial Commercial & Renovation.

Environmental Services

Eco land Planning, Selection of Green, Technologies, Green Building certification, Environmental awareness.

Disaster Management

  • Disaster Management Plan for Seven Districts and 50 Municipal Councils
  • Disaster Management Trainings to 6000 Government Officials
  • Disaster Management Trainings to Facility Management Companies
  • Disaster Management Workshops for Corporate sector.
  • Disaster Management plan for important facilities and Buildings.

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